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Studio Amber

Discover our small collection of handmade pieces made from personally collected amber from all over Europe, treated and designed in house. Key values that play a role here are Sustainability, Nature and Craftmanschip. We're talking a natural product- a gemstone with a rich history and of course exclusivity since there’s a lot of scarcity for this product. Happy browsing!

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Studio Denim

Discover our in house denim label where we sourced from all time favorite ‘all american’ Levis. Our denim label arose from the necessity to give the immensely popular ‘’made in America’’ Levi's a second life. Think of all the history there. Millions of people worn them throughout decades, and now we made Denim shaped for you. 

Our redone LEVIS are entirely upcycled and reconstructed in Lisbon.
Please be aware of the fact that every jeans is unique as we redo and resize them one by one. Happy browsing!

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