Kamaeleon has experienced a great kick off year, with a continues stream of change, adjustment, inspiration and not to forget a lot of heartwarming support from you!

We started this company with the core idea of sharing and embracing what's allready there. Not only curating and collecting fine vintage items, all the more doing this to make fashion as sustainable as possible. However, something was itching. Itching badly. After brainstorming about this itch and what caused it we realised we were in need of an even more sustainable approach of our business.

So we decided to make some changes! There’s always room for operating more consciously than we already did. All the brainstorming to get rid of this itch, led to a new approach of our brand:

say hello to our new and improved company, studiod'autonome.

We love vintage, everything vintage, cause yes, we’re a bit nostalgic. We put a lot of time and effort in curating the finest vintage goods, thrifted from all over the world especially for you!

But to be honest with you we mainly run this business because we believe in contributing our part to make the world a better place. Meaning: we have to rotate what is already there! Digging our way through all the good preloved and preowned treasures is our trade.

We’re located at the always sunny Lisbon and the vibrant Amsterdam, but good news: we ship worldwide. 

Keep in mind that we'll be dropping small collections at a time, first come first served! Thus, we'll guarantee quality every single time, providing you with 'one of a kind' vintage. Only the best for you!