Since Amber is good for you, it's highly recommended to return the favor.  Amber jewelry needs to be tended and treasured like any precious possession. Amber may have a hard, solid composition, but it is also fragile. Therefore, amber care is important if you wish to maintain the beauty and mystery of your amber jewelry.

General caretaking

Amber stones are still alive, as they are in continuous metamorphosis while also interacting with the environment. Amber care is important because these gems' colors change over time, making them even more wonderful and unique. Each amber piece ages in a different way, each has a different composition of resin, plant and animal fossils. Nobody says you cannot use perfume or hairspray at all, but it is better to apply them first on skin and hair and then put the jewelry on afterwards.  Amber is brittle, so it is better to keep the stones from interacting with sharp hard surfaces.

How to clean your amber jewelry?

As far as dust and perspiration removal is concerned, this can easily be done with clean, warm water and a soft flannel cloth. Amber can be dried and rubbed using clean olive oil and a soft cloth ideal for polishing the gem. 

Where should I keep my Amber pendant?

All studio d’autonome jewelry is delivered in a studio d’autonome jewelry box, which is both reusable and recyclable. Please love them and keep your favorites safe in the studio d’autonome jewelry box provided. The best way is to wrap your jewelry and store it away from sunlight, for reasons given above, carefully placed in jewelry boxes away from other gems.

Can I shower with my Amber pendant?

In general, it's considered best not to shower or swim with your jewelry on. However, the amber gemstone is resisting all kinds of exterior influence, since it’s a natural product, no water damage is possible.

What materials are used?

All our handmade pieces are made of rare pieces of amber, all individually treated and polished. In each case, original shapes or characteristic features are maintained and appreciated. Please see the product description for further information. 

Gold-filled details 

Gold-filled jewelry describes the mechanical process in which a base metal, usually brass, is covered with sheets of gold. All our pendants are equipped with gold-filled eye pins. 


As far as known, there are no allergies related to amber. On the contrary, as you can learn from our page dedicated to Amber, these millions of years old gemstones have quite the opposite effect! It's considered to be a powerful healer and cleanser of the body mind and soul. 

In terms of the gold-filled eye pins we used: Each person’s type of skin makes metal react differently, if discoloration occurs it may be due to skin-metal oil reaction. In this case, it is not our responsibility to refund or exchange your item.  Some people can have a sensitivity to some plating, most commonly nickel-plating which is used to color gold and sometimes used in the electroplating process. If you are aware of a jewelry allergy, we advise you to choose a hypoallergenic material, and please be aware that it is not our responsibility to refund or exchange your item knowing you have pre-existing allergies or sensitivities.