Zoom N·009 Cognac Amber pendant
Zoom N·009 Cognac Amber pendant
Zoom N·009 Cognac Amber pendant

N·009 Cognac Amber pendant

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Rise and shine, cause this absolute rare piece of gemstone is unique with her sophisticated airdrops, oxidated around 40 millions years ago. Ain’t that something?! On some areas you can see through it, and discover a nice yin yang shape. 

Pendant comes whithout the necklace. See details for more information about measurements and specs (measurements are based on the widest parts of the pendants).

  • Pendant measurements: 18 mm x 12 mm
  • studio d'autonome BIO-degradable jewelry box
  • filled gold headpins and jumprings


Cognac amber is the most common and typical colour from the Baltic amber family. The colour originates from the sap colour as well as the ageing of the amber over 30 to 50 million years. This colour does not contain as much air or gasses as the milky and antique amber, hence its transparency. Cognac colour can also have a sparkling look due to air bubbles trapped inside and can contain inclusions such as leaves, pieces of wood and insects.

Due to being handmade may include minor variations or imperfections. 

* limited edition: This Limited Edition handmade piece is unique and one -of-a-kind.

Cleansing | Healing | Energy | Strength | Balance




Vendor: studio d'autonome

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